Kick-off meeting

On the 25th of February of 2020, all partners from the BEYOND project met for the first time in the Kick-off meeting held in Vienna and organized by the project´s coordinating partner NTNU and TU Wien.

The day started with a presentation from Pedro Crespo del Granado (NTNU, and BEYOND project coordinator) about an overview of the project in order to give the possibility of discussing to modify the work packages defined in the Project Management Plan. After that, each partner gave a 10 minutes presentation in order to present themselves to the rest of the consortium. This gave the opportunity to the rest of the participants to understand the work they do at their department/firm, to get to know the different team members and to discover the projects and activities they are involved in and that is closely related to BEYOND. Then, Francesc Girbau (CITCEA-UPC) introduced the SGAM (Smart Grid Architecture Model) methodology developed by CITCEA-UPC and FLEXIDAO to allow for the characterization of existing actors, roles and relationships, as well as the identification of use cases to be implemented in the laboratory and real pilots. On connection with this, Helmut Bruckner (Sonnenplatz Großschönau), Markus Löschenbrand (SINTEF Energi) as well as Aziz Sai and Shafi K Khadem (IERC) exposed the Austrian, Norwegian and Irish pilots, respectively. The day concluded with some indications by Pedro Crespo del Granado and Raquel Alonso Pedrero (NTNU) about the organization and procedures to follow during the project timeline to help for the coordination and communication among partners.

The kick-off meeting allowed partners to discuss how to proceed and to start working on the project as well as formalize new ideas and contributions that will help BEYOND to fulfill and excel in the deliverable of the results.

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