Here you will find our different dissemination activities as well as access to the public deliverables developed through out the project

Dissemination activities


G. Kara, P. Pisciella, A. Tomasgard, H. Farahmand, P. Crespo del Granado (2022). “Stochastic local flexibility market design, bidding, and dispatch for distribution grid operations.” Energy

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A. U. N. Ibn Saif and S. K. Khadem (2020). “Consumer-centric Electricity Market: Review of key European projects,” 2020 17th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM), pp. 1-6,

Other Dissemination Activities

Presentation at Applied Energy Symposium: MIT A+B: “Interactions between retailers and energy communities,” 2022-07-08, YouTube Link

Presentation at PV-Tagung Austria on Energy Communities by Georg Lettner,

Presentation at EnInnov2022, Georg Lettner, Daniel Schwabeneder, Matthias Maldet, Christoph Loschan, Aline Leiner and Fritz Dimmel: „Verortung von Energiedaten als Grundlage für das zukünftige Energiesystem“, 2022-02-17, Graz, Austria

Presentation at Mission Innovation Austria 2022, Georg Lettner: “Energiegemeinschaften – Der gemeinschaftliche Vorteil aus Einzelsicht“,  Stream „Innovative Energiegemeinschaften“, 2022-05-17,     

A.U. N. Ibn Saif; Shafi K Khadem, Michael Conlon, Brian Norton. “Impact of Local Electricity Market on the Low Voltage Distribution Network, ” 13th International Conference on Applied Energy, (ICAE2021), Bangkok and Virtual, December, 2021

News coverage, 2021, Austria:

News coverage, 2021, Spain:

Presentation and short paper, 2021: Ch. Loschan, D Schwabeneder: “The influence of local optimised energy communities on the European electricity market”; Talk: 12. Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung IEWT 2021, Wienonline+präsenz; 2021-09-08 – 2021-09-10; in: “Das Energiesystem nach Corona: Irreversible Strukturänderungen – Wie?”

Presentation and short paper, 2021: D Schwabeneder, G. Lettner, M. Maldet, F. Revheim: “The impact of grid tariff design on energy communities”; Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung IEWT2021, Wien online+präsenz; 2021-09-08 – 2021-09-10; in: “Das Energiesystemnach Corona: Irreversible Strukturänderungen – Wie?

Workshop at Energy Transition Week organized by BEYOND, 2021: The value of end-use flexibility: Perspectives on digitalization, energy communities, and power markets.

Presentations at NORS Annual Conference, 2021: “Retailers positioning in Energy Communities” and “Clustering Local Electricity Markets to solve distribution grid problems”

Short presentation and active participation in the session: “Consumer and Data to discuss the relation of products, privacy and policy” at 13th ETIP SNET Regional Workshop, 2021.

Presentation and panel debates on digitalization and decentralization, 2021: How to unleash the full potential of this synergy? Interactive discussion among IEA TCPs and outstanding projects. 

News blog, 2020, Norway:

News coverage, 2020, Austria:

News coverage, 2019, Austria:


WP 1: Identification of requirements

WP 2: Local Market designs

WP 3: Software and Hardware developments

WP 4: Pilot implementation

WP 5: Analysis and Results

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